Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Knox County not on pace for surplus

Well, at this point the county is not on track to reap another surplus like it has in recent years.

As it stands, the county’s general fund revenues are up $3.1 million compared to this time last year, but expenditures also are up $4.8 million.

The school system at this point is doing OK, although things could change. Revenues for schools are up $8.9 million compared to this time last year with $4.9 million in increased expenditures, so we’re looking at about a $4 million bump.

All this, according to Knox County Finance Director Chris “Money Bags” Caldwell.

Caldwell, however, said all this could be timing.

That means next month the number might not look so hot. Or they could look even better.

That said, if the school system does get a surplus it more than likely won't be applied to teacher raises. The system typically pays off other bills with part of this money.

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