Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Commish rejects Broad grant deal

This will be unpopular, not that, that's ever stopped me, but this is what's called cutting off the nose to spite the face.

The Knox County Commission last night opted not to retroactively approve a grant with the Broad Center for the Management of School Systems.

That means, the county will more than likely have to ante up $30,000 in folding paper to the center.

Lot of people are cheering this one; they think it's some kind of victory against Superintendent Jim McIntyre, who pretty much admitted he mishandled the whole shebang when he signed it.

It's not.

He's not on the hook for that cash.

You are.

I got news for ya: This isn't "the school board's money" or "the county's money." This is taxpayers' money all coming from the same pot. 

Full story RIGHT HERE.

I'll leave you with some words by Commissioner Sam McKenzie:
"The water's over the dam - or will be in a month - so these funds are pretty much spent. I mean, she's gotten a salary, so I guess I'm trying to understand why we would vote no. I mean, I'm fine with never bringing another Broad fellow here. I'm fine with that, and I'm betting the school board's going to be fine with that, but I think if we're going to be fiscally responsible, we're basically turning down $30,000, and our taxpayers-- the money's been spent, so we're going to have to take out, at this point, $30,000 out of a potential teacher's assistant or potential, I don't know, across-the-street hire or, you know, toilet paper or something. That money has to come from somewhere to pay this money because it's pretty much been spent. This, to me, is just the clean-up, you know. If folks want to make a point, I think there are better places to make a point than us paying $30,000."

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