Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Superintendent recommends against balanced school calendar for now

I'd say I was surprised, but I don't think he had the votes.

Citing costs, Knox County Schools Superintendent James McIntyre is recommending against the system going to a so-called balanced calendar that extends the period during which students attend school.

"While the balanced calendar could potentially be beneficial, we have many other important educational priorities to attend to in the next few years, including teacher compensation and personalized learning," McIntyre said in a draft letter dated June 25 circulated to Knox County school board members.

"Therefore, at this time, I do not recommend that the Knox County Schools move to a balanced calendar."

The school system released the draft Tuesday. Knox County has been weighing the merits of going to the calendar, which would include extending attendance into more traditional summer days while also expanding time off at other times of the year for students.

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