Tuesday, June 9, 2015

State DA's to make justice system 'as effective and fair as possible'

Tennessee District Attorneys are announcing today their statewide initiative to make Tennessee’s criminal justice system as effective and fair as possible for every citizen.

Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen points out “The challenges faced by the criminal justice system today are as serious and complex as those faced at any time in our nation’s history. The effectiveness of our system depends on the fairness, dedication, legal skills, and common sense of the legal professionals who serve in it. My fellow DAs and I are dedicated to making the criminal justice system as fair and effective as possible.”

In 2013, Tennessee District Attorneys established the Justice and Professionalism Committee to identify and implement best practices in all aspects of the prosecutor’s responsibility. Tennessee District Attorneys were among the first group of state prosecutors to join the “Best Practices” movement for prosecutors now spreading across the country. Through this initiative, Tennessee District Attorneys are networked with prosecutors in many other states, sharing information and ideas about criminal justice issues and the best ways to deal with them.

The initial focus of the Justice and Professionalism Committee has been on legal and ethical requirements for prosecutors to provide defendants information related to the charges against them. These requirements often apply even to information unknown to prosecutors in possession of agencies assisting in investigations, which more and more includes massive amounts of digital and forensic evidence. Technical and scientific knowledge as well as legal expertise will often be necessary even in prosecuting less serious criminal cases.

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