Friday, June 26, 2015

Knox Schools didn't advertise $42K, part-time job before hiring Anderson

This should not be a surprise: The school system handed over a $42,000-a-year, part-time job to a buddy. I mean, well, heck, we pay employees $30K in folding paper to sit at home for years and do nothing.

$42K???? What's the average full-time teacher salary? $45K??

Eh, whatever.

Here ya go.

Knox County Schools did not advertise the position nor did officials interview anyone in 2013 before handing a $42,000-a-year part-time job over to Sam Anderson – a longtime community activist who resigned from the position this week in light of his connections to a federal tax fraud scheme.

School officials said Thursday it is not common to hire without advertising open jobs, but it's also not necessary to post a position if the administration "feels that a candidate possesses the skills and experience to perform the duties associated with the job description," KCS spokeswoman Melissa Ogden told WBIR 10News.

"Mr. Anderson possessed a set of skills, experiences and relationships which made him uniquely qualified for the position," Ogden said.

She said his hiring was not a political reward for his vote years ago that led to the hiring of Superintendent Jim McIntyre.

"That is not true," she said.

In April 2008, Anderson voted not only to approve McIntyre's contract, but he championed a four-year, $222,800 annual deal, rather than a three-year proposal that some other board members suggested at the time. The vote to hire McIntyre was close – 5-4 – and Anderson was considered crucial to its passage.

Anderson, who served more than 20 years on the school board before opting not to seek re-election in 2010, was hired in March 2013 to replace Montina Jones. She was a full-time adviser of high needs schools. Jones made $103,810 in base salary and "supplements."

Anderson worked 18.5 hours per week on average, Ogden said, and earned a base salary of $31,240, but made a total of almost $42,060 with supplements. Supplements can include a number of items, like travel pay or extra pay for coaching athletics.

He did not receive benefits for the job.

Anderson stepped down from the position Tuesday because of his role as an "unindicted co-conspirator" to state Rep. Joe Armstrong, who was indicted last week in an alleged tobacco tax fraud scheme.

Anderson did not return a call seeking comment.

Ogden said the position will not be filled.

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