Wednesday, June 10, 2015

County puts plans to sell AJ Building in writing; KCS admin to move

AJ Building on Main Street
Knox County officials are working together to bring life back to the south end of Gay Street. It begins with the redevelopment of the historic Andrew Johnson Building.

Mayor Tim Burchett announced Monday he will be working with Dr. Jim McIntyre to relocate the school board in order to sell the building. The school administration is headquartered there, along with some other public offices.

"You take state, local, and federal government-- we own over half the real estate in downtown Knoxville. When is enough enough? I'd like to see it go back the other way," Burchett said Tuesday.

The plans are something the county has been looking into for quite some time. In fact, just last month the county purchasing department issued a request for information to see who may be interested in purchasing the old hotel.

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