Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Early look at Commish chair vote

Dave Wright
The Knox County Commission will meet Sept. 1 to reorganize its board, appointing committees and naming a chair and vice chair.

At this point it appears that current vice Chairman Dave Wright will be nominated to lead the 11-person board. Current chairman Brad Anders, who has held the gig for two years, said he won’t seek it, nor does he plan to seek the vice chair seat, which he’s also held in the past.

I’ve heard from a couple of commissioners that Bob Thomas might be nominated, although I've also heard that he's not actively/personally seeking the seat (Hey, the guy has a big 2018 mayoral campaign he’s got to launch).

Typically, though, commissioners like to see a choice, so expect someone, if not Thomas, to get a nomination.

I suspect if the vote was taken to day, Dave would get it. Folks on the board do like Bob, but I know some commissioners last year promised Dave their vote this time around so I think the numbers weigh in his favor.

As for vice chairman, the only name I’ve heard at this point is Randy Smith. Last year, Amy Broyles threw her name in. I don't see if happening this time around. She's missed way too many meetings.
Bob Thomas

Dave, who represents East Knox County, is up for re-election next year, so leading the board would look good going into a campaign. That said, I don’t believe Dave will muster a serious challenger. (Thomas, who holds an at-large seat, won office last year.)

All this said, we’re still a little

The 11-member board selects the chair and vice chair seats during its annual reorganizational meeting, which typically takes place in early September each year.

The seats are generally symbolic, although the chairman runs the commission meetings and sets the monthly agenda. He or she also oversees the board's three-member staff, determines how the board's public meetings will be handled, and often serves as the liaison between the public and the board.

The chair by default also serves on a number of boards, including the Great Schools Partnership and usually the pension board.

Commissioners can hold the seat twice during a term.

The vice chair carries out the chair's duties when he or she is not available and helps run board meetings.

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