Monday, July 18, 2016

Knox Sheriff: Thanks for the support

In light of the recent police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Knox County Sheriff J. J. Jones issued a statement thanking the community for their support, but protesting recent action he feels takes necessary tools away from law enforcement.

Statement from Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones:
I want to thank all the people who have publicly supported the Knox County Sheriff’s Office through the years and especially during these trying times. We have received numerous letters, emails, and texts showing support for the tireless work of our officers who go about their jobs everyday with diligence and dedication. Many of you have anonymously paid the restaurant tab for officers, prayed for us, and offered hugs and encouragement. We deeply appreciate your support!

The weekend slaying of three more police officers in our country highlights that our officers face even more peril than ever before. We have a president who banned a valuable defense department program called the Military Surplus Program 1033 which provided much needed tactical equipment to law enforcement departments all over the country for free. This reckless action was for political value only with no thought to the safety of our officers and citizens. We ask our police to go in harm’s way but by an executive order deny them the best equipment. Equipment that is now being destroyed or worse, handed over to other countries that are fostering the very violence we are experiencing in our country. We are in a world now where officers are not only fighting lawlessness but terrorism and lack the necessary tools to fight back. The officers of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office will proudly continue to do the job they love, protecting and serving Knox County.

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