Monday, August 8, 2016

Elections: Fun with the write-ins

Voters might not have turned out last Thursday night, but phony baloney write-in names were certainly plentiful.

Walter the Bulldog? Mickey Mouse? Foghorn Leghorn?

You name it – from the funny, the serious, to the truly absurd – those few voters who did hit the ballot boxes had fun.

Or, maybe they just wanted to make a statement.

Some suggested Mickey Mouse for a state Senate seat, others felt Morris the Cat, James T Kirk, John Q Public or Flavia could do the job.

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Heck, one person thought putting WBIR’s Mike Donila down for the South Knoxville county Commission seat was a good idea.

Someone also put “Donila the Thrilla” down for law director as well. (Attorney Don Bosch got a vote for that seat, too.)

Heh. I promise – it wasn’t me.

Or not.

“Anyone But” made an appearance, and so, too, did “Anyone Else,” Snow White, Abe Lincoln and Trumpisafascist.

Then there were other picks for Obama, Hilary, Trump and Bernie, too.

Oh yea, can’t forget Bill the Cat.

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe garnered a few votes, as did Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond, and local rogue blogger Brian Hornback.

In addition, county Clerk Foster Arnett, UT Football Coach Butch Jones and . . . Batman made appearances.

None of these aforementioned names counted, of course, since they weren’t registered with the Knox County Election Board.

In the meantime, the November general election is just around the corner.

Expect the fun to continue then.

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