Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey, how much ya got on you?

I know this is a few days old, but I can't resist. Apparently the mean ol' Metro Pulse (i.e. Carie and the beer-swillin' yankee who used to work at the News Sentinel) decided to ask Knoxville mayoral and city council candidates how much coin they earned each year.

Click for the story right smack here.

I think the story has merit. But that's just me. (For the record, I make $5 a year. But the company picks up my Friday night tabs, so I call it even. I do this blog for free because I'm stupid.)

The reactions to the requests are great. Entertainment at the expense of others. But the BS'ing Carie got was even better. The "dog-ate-my-homework" kind of funny. Or sad. Or ridiculous. (Although many folks obliged and provided the info.)

Anyhoo, the story is good, but what's even better is the epilogue:

A bunch of damn hippies arguing about it.

Click here for that.

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Dan Andrews said...

okay I have Mike Donilla's IRS tax report right here! interesting he claims to have 53 free lighters from pilot gas stations listed under the taxable gifts....this is interesting the News Sentinel pays him in Monopoly money! interesting he lists Tim Burchett as a tax deductible dependent of his. he also lists a $500.00 tax deduction of Tylenol for headaches received while working on the job reading corrected press releases over and over again....haha just kidding