Saturday, July 16, 2011

Property assessor finances released

On Friday, the good folks at the elections office sent me the campaign financial disclosure statements for Property Assessor Phil Ballard and his opponent, former assessor John Whitehead.

So far, they're the only two to announce their intentions to run for the office. The primary will be next March.

Personally, I don't see anyone else jumping in that has a spoiler's chance, but you never know. I hate calling elections early, but the word - at this point - is that it's Ballard's race to lose.

But, I will tell you, this is going to be a dirty, mud-slinging race. These two do not like each other, and already I've been given a bunch of information about each of them that doesn't paint pretty pictures.

I've checked out some of the rumors and haven't found anything. I still have a list of things to go though. I'm not sure when I'll write an actually story on the race - remember, we've got some time - so, I'll probably throw everything that does pan out into one big story.

Then again, maybe they'll be nothing. Maybe this will be a clean race. I somehow doubt it, though. That's no disrespect to either men. But, again, they are not exactly pals.

In the meantime, the two released their latest finance reports. (I think I already said that, but whatever.)

Ballard has almost $54,300 cash on hand. You can check out his most recent report by clicking right smack here.
Whitehead has a little more than $24, 400 cash on hand. You can check out his most recent report by clicking right smack here.

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Anonymous said...

our forefathers would have turned over in their grave to see who is running the country....professional politicians spending ridiculous amounts of money to win an office for a few years? Kick backs, politicians son's and sisters running and no one interested in opposing them. Why? There has to be some reason they want an office that is so highly priced.

A platform is one that is critical of the other rather than moving us forward.

I certainly hope Whitehead does not return, but who knows.

Lowe I am sure would be running if he was not in so much trouble.