Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mayoral fist bumpin' continues on

County Mayor Tim Burchett continues his one-wrist-at-a-time-wrecking-machine-tour in August.

So far he's held constituent meetings in Fountain City (no one showed), Cedar Bluff (3.5 people appeared), South Knoxville (a whole bunch attended) and Hardin Valley (about 5 showed).

For the big spin and the upcoming schedule by the Spin Doc Michael Grider himself click right smack here.

There will be another meeting at the Corryton Senior Center, the Bearden Branch Library, the Burlington Branch Library and the Farragut Branch Library.

After consulting the Bat-map, it appears that the mayor has hosted or will host these fist-bumpin' sessions twice in the north; four times in the west; and one time each for the east and south.

Just saying.

“We can only do so many,” Grider told me.

Then, he laughed and added: “Are you trying to start problems where there isn't one?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Grider: “I'm going to sic Randy Neal on you.”



Anonymous said...

BTW, the new MPC Commissioner showed up at the south city sector plan meeting last night, so apparently all the ruckus has at least brought some attention to south Knoxville.

Nice guy; I was really happy to meet him and tell him face-to-face that I had no issue with him personally. He was really gracious about it too.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Randy Neal was relevant. Too bad he let the crazies take over what used to be a good read. Now it's just a bunch of angry women, of both sexes, screaming at each other.