Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mayor to host fist-bumpin' session

County Mayor Tim “Big Dog” Burchett, in his never-ending effort to ensure that anyone he comes in contact with develops carpel tunnel syndrome, will hold another fist-bump, meet-n-greet with residents on Thursday (that's in two days, bub).

The 6 p.m. event will be held at the South Knoxville Senior Center on Martel Lane, an area of the city/county typically treated like a red-headed, booger-eatin' stepbrat. The mayor held a similar gathering on July 7th at the Fountain City Library Branch and no one attended. (So, does that count?). And another last week at the Cedar Bluff Branch Library and only 3 ½ folks showed up, if you count the kid.

The good spin doc – county communications manager Michael Grider – says the poor attendance must be because no one has any complaints, since they give residents – or as the press release calls them, “constituents” - a chance to “speak individually with Mayor Burchett about issues that are important to them.”

Personally, I think it's because people fear the fist bump.


Anonymous said...

Well, THAT'S interesting. A stink is being raised about the fact that with Mayor Burchett's latest appt, there are no south Knoxvillians on MPC and the next thing you know, he's scheduled a public meeting there?

Damage control, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Never mind. Although I can't find a date on the press release, it references meetings early this month, so I assume this meeting has been scheduled for awhile.

Mike Donila said...

Damn, I forgot to mention that part about Big Tim not keeping the south knox person on board or even putting someone from the south on the MPC. I meant to. Just forgot.

The previous meetings were July 7 and 12

Brian Hornback said...

Actually the new MPC guy is from south Knox, he still has family in So. Knox http://brianhornback.blogspot.com/2011/07/it-only-matters-if-you-are-liberal.html yep, I blogged about it, imagine that!

Mike Donila said...

Yup. I just got off the phone with him. Everyone keeps complaining about his appointment, but no one has called him yet. I'll blog about our conversation later. He seems like a good guy.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't live in south Knoxville.

I have family in Jefferson City too, but I wouldn't claim that as my home territory.

And for the record, nobody has complained about the new guy. He may be a swell guy and turn out to be a good Commissioner.

They've only complained that a south Knoxville resident is no longer one of the 15 MPC Commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, mikey, mikey. You're a good journalist. Why do you keep associating yourself with Hornback? The ick is going to wear off, you know.

For the record, he loses part one of his bet. I was born in the old Knoxville General Hospital on Broadway. My family are 8th generation Knox Countians. And no, I'm not a "native" south Knoxvillian. But I've lived here for the last 15 years, which I think qualifies me to call myself one.

Not that any of that matters. Nobody cares where somebody was born. They care where they live NOW.

Rachel Craig

Brian Hornback said...

Mike: the difference in you (a great and reasoned journalist) and Rachel Craig is that you and I have met, we have had extensive conversations and have an acquaintance with one another. I have never met, talked to Rachel Craig in my life.

As for the first anonymous about it just being a south Knox countian. I don't hear the establishment South Knox people I know belly aching about it. Just the few Rachel Craig loyalist.

As for the comment by Rachel saying I lost a bet, she obviously failed reading comprehension. because I wrote , if I bet, which I don't, so there was no bet lost. All I will say to pick up with an ongoing Screams From The Porch thread. If Rachel Craig were from here, she sure don't act like it.

mike, I will be in So. Knox this evening, first at the Mayor's constituent night and then the So. Knox Republican Club Hot Dog picnic, I am hoping to meet Rachel Craig there at the Mayor's night. I would like to see if she is as negative, condescending and self righteous in person as she is on the blogs

Mike Donila said...

Rachel, I take it you're referring to Brian's post. I can't comment on it, since I don't know about your background (until now, since you just told me).

I live in South Knoxville, too, by the way. Would I like someone from the area to represent the MPC? Sure. I would. My point is that I think Roth is inadvertently getting dragged into an issue that he didn't create. It's not your fault. It's just something that is. I felt, I'd give the guy a call and just chat, listen to his perspective.

And, if you think people around here don't care where you were born, you're kidding yourself. Everyone always tells me "I'm not from around here."


But, I get your point.

Brian Hornback said...

Mike, hey I was over in south Knox this morning making a business call. I saw a moving truck, moving some folks in an apartment. I asked them since they now live in so. Knox would they like to serve on a volunteer recommend panel of land use. They said are you crazy? Or are you just ShockAndAweHornbackIAm. I said well, I am obviously ShockAndAweHornbackIAm

Anonymous said...

Rachel ain't from 'round here. People care more about philosophical differences than geographic ones, and the only geographies Rachel's philosophies match up with are california's, Chicago's and New York's -- liberal, big government strongholds.

Anonymous said...

Brian keeps saying he's never met me. Actually, he did once, back when he was on the school board and Knox Heritage was trying to get them (finally successfully) to surplus the Old South High bldg.

I guess I'm just forgettable since he doesn't remember.


Brian Hornback said...

Rachel I thought you were leaving. I never met any of you people on the Old South High. None of you would meet me with me about it, Because I wanted to do what was right tear it down and 7-8 years later it is still a rat infested fire haard.

It needs to be torn down to protect the Sarah Simpson Training Center. But the bullies got their way and it is still there.

Anonymous said...

But it is our rat infested fire hazard, thanks to the hard work of Rachel and other South Knoxville progressives.

Brian Hornback said...

"our"? It is unfortunately Knox Counties. When it burns down "Knox County's" training center it effects all Knox County. Sarah Simpson is yet another Knox County jewel south of the river.

Now, Rachel I thought you were going away. But we know that it's you. cause no one else thanks you for your "hard work" cause the attendance log shows you didn't have a 100% attendance record at MPC meetings, not an indication of hard work.