Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Email flap: Cox gone, Salter stays

Ever since David Cox was put on paid suspension for sending county Commissioner Amy Broyles some rude emails, folks have been asking about solid waste director Tom Salter, the funny man who supposedly created an email account and pretended to be his own arch nemesis, Brad Mayes.

I blogged about it right smack here. Funny, stupid stuff.

Anyhoo, internal auditor Richard Walls on Friday fired Cox for sending the emails although that wasn't the official reason. It something to do with not being able to maintain objectivity or something.

Rebecca Ferrar wrote the story. Click for the brilliance right smack here.

So, where does that leave Salter? Some folks wonder why county Mayor Tim Burchett hasn't done anything about him.

First off, Walls answer to the county commission – not the mayor. Second, the Salter incident didn't happen under Burchett.

It happened under then-county Mayor Mike Ragsdale (back in May 2008). So, really, it's his choice. Or was.

Here's Burchett's response when I asked him about Salter: “All that happened prior to me being in office. (Salter) just needs to continue doing the job that he's supposed to. It was under a different administration and the things that went on then, aren't permitted. now.”


Anonymous said...

I thought Burchett was taking Knox County in a "new direction". Unbelievable!!!!

Maybe Cox should have sued Amy Broyles for slander, drug this around in court until we got a new mayor, and then after being forced to confess, claim this happened under the old mayor you can't fire me now.

Anonymous said...

Cox has nothing to do with the Mayor, Cox is an employee of County Commission and of the Audit department, so the Mayor had no say on weather he was let go or not. As far as Saulter he should have been fired under Ragsdale for breaking the law and should have been put in jail.

Anonymous said...

Commissioners aren't allowed to publicly question Burchet?
Wow. Guess old "True Tennessee" Rice has rewritten the charter.

Anonymous said...

When NNR takes over they can hire Salter. He will no longer be a Knox County employee. That may be the reasoning.

Keeping Van de Vate, that is puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Commissioners question Mayor Burchett a
from time to time, they are just not disrespectful like Amy Broyles.

Anonymous said...

"Disrespect" is in the eye of the beholder. Burchett's not real respectful of anyone who points out inconsistencies between what he said yesterday and what he's saying today.
He frequently 'misspeaks.'
And here's a news flash for you genius Burchett loyalists: disrespect and slander are not interchangeable terms.