Sunday, August 14, 2011

It pays (more) to work for the Trustee

Someone sent this to me. Couldn’t resist.

Actually, the way it was described to me was: “Did someone drop a rock on Duncan’s head?”

I’m like: “Huh?”

Then I was told to go check out job listings on the Deathstar's Web site.

Soooooo . . . . Here goes:

County Clerk Foster Arnett Jr. and county Trustee John Duncan each are hiring for what appears to be pretty much the same job (processing payments), although Foster’s job description is a little more long-winded.

And Duncan is willing to pay a little more. Actually, almost twice as much.

You can click right smack here to work for the clerk. Or you can click right smack here and work for Trip.

(Campaign contributions are optional. I hope.)

Anyhoo, Arnett pays $9 an hour for part-time work and Duncan is paying $17 an hour for what he calls "seasonal" work, although it looks more like 37.5 hours a week for bout nine months out of the year, which I’m pretty sure means you have a chance at getting that gooood county health insurance.

You’ll need at least a GED and a year in “a customer service driven field” and you must be able “to deal with irate and emotional customer(s) in a courteous professional manner."

(That last one automatically rules me out.)

UPDATE: Trustee just sent an email and said the job does not include insurance.


Anonymous said...

Could working at Sherwin Williams be a Cutomer Service driven field?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me why our Trustee and his attorney are in Nashville all week working on a tax collection seminar for a handful of people/politicos. They were hired to manage the tax collection on property here in Knox County not travel the great state of Tennessee looking for poitical favor and trying to make political aquaintances. We've had local politicians travel the state trying to curry favor and demonstrate their relavance and importance and nothing good came from that situation.

Look at the attendance records/expense records from the Trustees office and tell us why the Knox County Trustee would ever be in any other county other than Knox County?

Mike Donila said...

I don't know why they're in Nashville all week or if that's the case. I was in an investment committee meeting at the City County Building this morning around 11:30, and Duncan and several of his aides were there.