Monday, August 29, 2011

Padgett finally starts spending his coin

Last week the Metro Pulse ran an email from a Knoxville mayoral candidate Mark Padgett supporter. Some funny stuff. (You know, entertainment at the expense of others.)

Apparently the guy (or gal) was pretty peeved about the money-grabbing tactics of the young Democrat who claimed to once be homeless and has now somehow managed to raise somewhere north of like ten billion dollars for a job that pays around $150,000.

But, whatever.

Here's the email right smack here. (Way to sign your name by the way.)

In the meantime, Padgett's spin doctress, Laura Braden, who tells everyone she once worked with the Governator (obviously she's not from around here), sent the media an email, saying the candidate has launched his ad campaign and it stresses job creation.


It's really pretty silly, but I've picked on this guy so much that I'd be remiss if I didn't at least link to it. So, click right smack here if you dare.

And just so you know (and you know who you are), I do not care who wins this race.

So, before you start saying that you know who I support, just know that you are wrong.


Anonymous said...

I like you Mike and I do not mean to apply that you support any certain person and really don't care who you support or not support.

I do pointy out flaws of the candidates so everyone else can see them. Mark Padgett is a life long Democrat that has never voted for a Republican at anytime. He also has never voted in a City election till he moved to Rocky Hill in May 2010 and that was a County election cycle.

He talks like a Republican, but he only does that so he can get elected. He will Mayor this city as a Democrat. God help this City is He or Madeline get elected.

I do think it is kind of greed that he would ask for more money when he has more than all the other candidates together.

Anonymous said...

So "mayor" is a verb now? God help us all.

BTW, it's impossible to know that he "never voted for a Republican." The most you can say is that he never voted in a Republican primary. Unless you have access to info nobody else does, or you were in the voting booth with Padgett, you have no idea who he voted for in general elections.

Anonymous said...

How many jobs has Li'l Padgett created?
Counting his, three maybe.
Or four?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I did not know I was going to get a grammer lesson on here. Sorry I used Mayor in the wrong place in the sentance.

As for the voting record, I don't know how he voted in the general election but he has only voted in the democratic primarys and has not voted in the city elections because he just moved to the City last May (2010). And he has stated several times that he voted for Mike Mcwheater for Governor. Sorry missed spelled Mikes last name, don't send the spelling police after me. He will tell you he is a Democrat. But who cares what he is, the point to my previous post was that be true to yourself, don't just say what people want to here just to get elected.

Brian Hornback said...

Everyone knows that you are supporting Shock And Awe for Mayor. however, I don't live in the City