Friday, August 5, 2011

Tim Hutchison's legal bills due?

Hey, guess who is back? And wanting some mega-coin?

Well, sort of.

Attorneys for former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison want the county to pay up - to the tune of some $134,000 in scratch for successfully defending the long-time sheriff during a series of ouster suits that began in 2007.

(It's not actually known if Hutch paid the attorneys and they're collecting for him or if they were waiting for the county - former county law director John Owings hired the firm - to just flat out reimburse them. Not sure if that sentence even made sense.)

Click right smack here for the memo and the itemized statements from the law firm.

The county (that means taxpayers) paid for former Commissioner Paul Pinkston's legal fees ($24,000), and plan to pick up the bill ($4,300) for Commissioner R. Larry Smith's tab for some Ethics Committee related crap that didn't have anything to do with ouster suits.

I'll have a story in Saturday's paper with more detail.

Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Might want to look at that last campaign disclosure form for John Owings as he struggled to stay in the game and who all from that firm "contributed". Might want to ask for copies of the checks as well.

Also, in my opinion, to understand why this bill should not be paid, United States Bankruptcy Court No. 3:10-bk-31724. Look for federal taxes.