Monday, August 1, 2011

Larry Frank and his one-week job

Do you remember Larry Frank? The county's former wild-haired library director (some called him "Yoni") who has some even wilder ideas?

The same guy, left, former county Mayor Mike Ragsdale let quit before Tim Burchett came in and was (possibly) about to axe him? Then there was that whole severance package snafu.

Well, he got a job. Then he quit. After ONE WEEK!

Here's the story right smack here.

The story doesn't mention whether Frank will repay the $15,000 moving stipend the Grand Haven system gave him.


Anonymous said...

SO does that mean Knox County paid twice as much as they should have? What does the current Knox County Library Director make?

Mike Donila said...

Currently Library Director Myretta Black's salary is $122,197 which is exactly the amount Larry Frank received. She was the assistant director or something like that. She previously made $80,902, but when Frank left, the mayor moved her into that position. He felt since she was doing the same job, he gave her equal pay.

Anonymous said...

You got Griedered.
This story was from April !,

Mike Donila said...

You mean "Gridered?" Ha ha. great one. will have to use that one some time. But seriously, it's not like I'm actually following what Larry Frank is up to. (Actually, I'd forgotten all about the guy.)

Anonymous said...

So has everybody else. So the point of this post was what again?