Monday, August 8, 2011

Padgett: I got more money than you do

In his never-ending effort to nickle and dime anyone who doesn't live inside the county (OK, so a few people do), Knoxville mayoral candidate Mark Padget has raised another billion dollars, according to the spin release issued by his PR flack who once lifted weights with the Governator.

Actually, the spin says he's raised another $45,015 and now has over $183,000 cash-on-hand of which $132,900 can be used for the primary which he is not expected to win, but could maybe, possibly force into a runoff.

Once again, the man who has run on his business-like acumen doesn't really talk about that business.


According to a quote which was no doubt written by Laura Braden, who bombards me daily with this minutiae, Padgett says he is “humbled and grateful by the support I have received from the community.”

In other words: “Thanks for the money, suckers! Wooooooh.”

He, I mean, she, goes on to say: “The financial support is needed, but more important is the growing number of Knoxville voters joining our campaign to keep Knoxville moving forward.”

In other words: “Damn I got a lot of coin, but I'm not too sure I got the votes.”

Finally: “With just thirty days until voters head to the polls, I urge everyone to encourage their friends, families and colleagues to register to vote.”

In other words: “The next time you see me I'll be on MTV answering questions about whether I wear boxers or briefs.”


Anonymous said...

40% of the money he has raised has come from outside the County and the state, 20% of the rest is from outside the City, so his support in the City is low. I like Mark and he is better than having Madaline as Mayor. Everyone needs to check out his business that only has contractors working for his business and the business only made 24,000 last year. He also just moved to the City in May of 2010 just so he could run for Mayor. There are a lot of questions about him?

Dan Andrews said...

people talk about his business but the reality is this Mayor Brown worked for the Postal Service and he is doing a better job than Haslam did and Mr. Haslam ran a Corporation of over tens of thousands of employees so the experience of running a big business or a small business doesn't mean crap. Think about the kids...

Mike Donila said...

That's not the point. He's running on being a businessman and he brags non-stop about the business he started, so, yes, he should be called out on it. As for who is doing a better job - Haslam or Brown? I don't think you can even compare the two. One held the job for seven years, the other not seven months. Does business experience mean anything? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Mark Padgett won't take you to his office, won't offer to meet you at his office, won't tell you how many full-time employees work there. Moved to town and bought a house just in time to meet the residency requirement to run for mayor. Is trashing Rogero personally while declaring himself above negative campaigning.
Dude's a hypocrite, thru and thru.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Donila. Padgett's platform pretty much comes down to "vote for me; I'm a CEO", but he refuses to answer questions about the company he's the CEO of. He's the one who put the issue on the table, and you gotta wonder why he keeps ducking further discussion of it.

Anonymous said...

As for Brown and Haslam - come on, Brown's a good guy, but anybody who follows city govt knows that Larry Martin & Billy Lyons are propping him up. And I don't say that as criticism - guy served less than a year on Council. He wasn't ready to be Mayor, and I'm glad he's got a good support system.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Padgett's business in the same building as his campaign HQ? I figure if you want to see his business just walk down there and see it.

Anonymous said...

Padgett says his business is in the same building as his campaign office, but to date nobody's been able to find it. Joe Sullivan took him apart and all his campaign contributions and all the king's men can't put Markie back together again.

Anonymous said...

Walk into the campaign HQ at 117 S Gay St, turn right and walk down the stairs. Viola.

I was under the impression that being a small business owner was part of the American dream, but for some reason (according to some people) it doesn't qualify you to be mayor. You have to be a career bureaucrat in order to be mayor, I forgot.

And Mike, I hear him talk about his business experience all the time but why do you view this as a negative attribute? From your pulpit it is pretty easy to see who you support but common... Nobody can find his business? He won't answer any questions about it? Give me a break.

Mike Donila said...

"And Mike, I hear him talk about his business experience all the time but why do you view this as a negative attribute? From your pulpit it is pretty easy to see who you support"

I didn't say it was negative.

So if you know who I support, say so. Because you'll be dead wrong. I don't support ANY ONE of the people running.

Anonymous said...

turn right and walk down the stairs. Viola.

Viola? Sounds more like a trombone to me

So how many employees work there?