Thursday, August 4, 2011

McIntyre agrees with mayor? Huh?

In what has got to be one of the most long-winded letters I have read in quite some time, it appears that Lord McIntyre is recommending to his nine disciples to approve county Mayor Tim Burchett's plan to sell off the county, piece by piece, and to replace the busted-up elementary school in the Carter community with a fancy, new one. (How's that for a long-winded sentence?)

I have to admit I'm surprised. I told Emperor Dean Rice the other day I didn't see this happening. You know - cut the nose off to spite the face. Or whatever.

Next week, we'll see if the school board goes along for the bus ride.

In the meantime, thanks goes to Shock and Awe for bringing this to my attention. Click right smack here for his post and more links to the Carter stuff.

He sent me a twit or a tweet or whatever that Twitter stuff is called last night, but I was catching up on Breaking Bad, which is a kick-ass show, so I didn't see it until just now. I typically don't write about the school board, but any time I can can call the good doctor "Lord" and the chief of staff "Emperor" I jump.

You know. Cause I'm mature that way.


Brian Hornback said...

Thanks, Mike. I was surprised also, that is why I jumped at it.

Anonymous said...

Shock and Awe?
You must have gotten stuck behind him in the line at the Golden Corral.

Brian Hornback said...

Is there a Golden Corral in Knoxville? Certainly not one here in West Knoxville.