Monday, March 4, 2013

Burchett announces 'SouthFest' event

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett
Well, I guess I was right. This afternoon, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announced his latest cash mob event - a two-day "festival-like event" throughout South Knoxville dubbed "SouthFest."

It will be held on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13, and is "intended to encourage people to shop, eat and have a good time at local businesses south of the river."

“There’s a perception in other parts of the county that it’s just too hard to get to South Knoxville because of the extended bridge closure,” the mayor said in a released statement. “We want to bring people out south for this event so they’ll realize the detour is not hard to navigate.”

Now, Burchett is certainly to be commended on this. I dig that he's trying to help South Knoxville. Particularly when other local leaders have ignored it. 

But, like many things in the Burchett administration, this announcement seems half-butted (can't say a$$ anymore) and done by the seat of his pants.

The spin release clearly states that "details about the event will trickle out over the enxt few weeks via press release and on Twitter."

In other words: "Right now, we got nothing. Heck, we don't even have  Queensryche." (Thank God.)

However, the mayor did note that the event will feature live music, family friendly activities, a car show and "circus-style entertainment from the Shriners." 

That's certainly a start.

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fischbobber said...

"Circus-style entertainment from the Shriners"?! That's enough to make the incontinent moisten their Depends right there. Sounds like a hootin holler time to me.