Thursday, March 7, 2013

They'll hire anyone at the Death Star

What the deuce? Quit taking my picture
People have long joked that there's more than a few skunks working out of the Knox County Death Star. Well, heh . . . check it out. They weren't kidding.

KNS photographer Miles Cary took a couple shots of our own Pepe Le Pew. Miles said he spotted the skunk around 8 a.m. Wednesday on Hill Avenue between the garage door by the Sheriff's Office where deputies pull the bus in for prisoners and the west end of the building.

I'm outta here!
Miles noted that the skunk was last seen headed west on Hill Avenue and into the Death Star's parking garage.

After telling a top ranking county official about the skunk, he joked to me that the critter was just going to visit his parents.

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