Friday, March 1, 2013

No elected superintendents for Knox?

Frank Niceley
So, I was talking to state Sen. Frank Niceley this morning about his bill that could again lead to local counties electing school superintendents. (Right smack here for that bad boy.)

The Strawberry Plains Republican said that state Rep. Harry Brooks, R-Knoxville, is about to introduce an amendment to the bill that he thinks will be somewhat of a compromise for those who are against it, and also help it move along through the state General Assembly.

Niceley said if Brooks' amendment is approved, then counties where the school system meets its AMO (annual measurable objectives), will NOT be allowed to vote on whether to go back to elected school superintendents.

That means Knox County (cause despite what some knuckleheads believe, we do have good teachers here).

“Clearly, if the system is not making its goals then the parents should be able to try something different,” said Niceley, adding that our school system was “developed under three elected supervisors for its first 50 years and it has a great school system.”

Hmmmmm. Is that irony? The elected superintendents were so good, they're not coming back? Or something. I don't know. Just figured I'd pass this along.

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