Friday, March 8, 2013

McLemore wins next cash mob gig

Forgot about this. The county announced this morning that McLemore Florist will host the next cash mob. The South Knoxville business is located at 106 E. Young High Pike.

The event is set for 5-7 p.m. next Friday. Click right smack here for the shop.

As you might recall, a little while back the county took nominations for South Knoxville businesses. Then communications stud, Michael “Big Sexy” Grider, posted the top five pick, so folks could vote.

Here are the results:
  • McLemore Florist: 1,324
  • Tea and Treasures: 569
  • Colonial Village Shopping Center (ice cream, hardware and bakery): 461
  • Sally's Alley: 172
  • Myrtle's Mess: 24

In addition to cash mob specials, McLemore will offer seasons items, specialty boquets and cash-and-carry arrangements at the event. The family also owns a all salon and plans to have a manicurist at the cash mob.

1 comment:

Brian Paone said...

I've got $50 that says the poll was manipulated.

There's no way McLemore Florist could have come out that far ahead without outside assistance. I saw the same thing happen with Political Knoxville's online straw polling.

I bet if the voting data is reviewed, one finds a LOT of proxy and maybe even Tor IPs.