Monday, March 4, 2013

Commish Smith mulling another office?

R. Larry Smith
There's been some talk recently that Knox County Commissioner R. Larry Smith (or as he's sometimes called: AAAAARRRRRRHHH Larry) will run against incumbent Sherry Witt for the Register of Deeds gig.

Course about a year ago, folks said he was angling for the Trustee's job and that kind of died down.

Sooooo, I figured I'd ask him, since I had him on the line about an unrelated story.

His response?

“Every day, there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't ask me: 'Larry, I think you should do this or that, or you should run for this, or maybe do that.' Everything is open next year from school board races to the judges so let's see what's available.”

Judge Larry?????!!!!

Anyhoo, I asked him again about the Register of Deeds deal, but he wouldn't commit.

“I enjoy public service, I really do,” said Smith, who is term-limited on the commission. “I enjoy trying to help people with issues that they have. I've always been that way. I just enjoy giving back to the community.”

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