Friday, March 8, 2013

South Knox businesses to get help

Looks like the city side of the Knox County Death Star has taken some initiative to help South Knoxville. Yesterday, city Mayor Madeline Rogero and Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis said the city and county will each contribute up to $20,000 to support marketing efforts for the area.

The announcement was made during an afternoon press conference in front of the Disc Exchange n Chapman Highway. Ed Marcum with the story right smack here.

This is great news for the town's red-headed stepchild, although I'm not sure why they need to spend $40,000 on marketing when the city already pays (at least) roughly $300,000 in salaries and benefits for a PR and marketing team/communication department, and the county has the one-man team of Michael Big Sexy" Grider.

There's probably an answer. I'm sure they're super busy. Heh.

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