Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another gone from Criminal Court Clerk's Office due to mistakes

Well, another day in the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office and another mistake that leads to someone getting screwed.

Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey on Monday fired Genie Owens after she failed to complete the proper paperwork that resulted in one Knox County inmates being kept in jail for about five days longer than needed to be, from what I'm being told.

(Owens faced some problems back in January 2012 when she was suspended without pay for a week. She was hired in January 2006 and earned $32,000 annually.)

In addition, two folks were picked up when they shouldn't have been, although those problems are not related to Owens.

One lady was in court in March, but the clerk never set the attachment aside, so she was picked up in early May when she shouldn't have been.

Another got an attachment (kind of like a warrant) was issued for a guy for failure to appear in court on a suspended license charge when he in fact was there.

“It just points out all the issues that are wrong in the office and we just have to get them fixed,” said incoming Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond. “I can’t wait to get in there on Sept. 2 and start fixing them.”

At this point, we’ve relegated to reporting these incidents on the ol’ blog. Heh.

I’m sure there will be something else before September.

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