Friday, June 20, 2014

Briggs's senate campaign now on TV

Colonel, doctor, war hero, county commissioner, nice guy Richard Briggs just released his first commercial, according to his campaign peeps.

Briggs is challenging incumbent Stacey Campfield for his 7th District state Senate seat.

According to the release, the ad:

Specifically targets Briggs’ leadership in the military, where he served for 30 years, receiving the Bronze Star and retired as a Colonel for the U.S. Army.

It also focuses on the trust he has garnered as a heart and lung surgeon for 30 years saving thousands of lives.

Briggs advocates a platform of a strong conservative who wants to create jobs, provide economic growth, improve education and ensure a strong quality of life for all Knoxvillians.

Early voting for the Aug. 7 elections begins July 18.

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