Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Burchett looking at departmental consolidation; hasn't met with city

There's been a lot of talk about Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's so-called proposal to unifying the two governments and creating a metro government. Look, this probably isn't happening. And it's not exactly what Burchett is proposing.

At this point, he's talking about consolidating certain departments, and it's nothing new. Whether he acts on it remains to be seen, but I suspect he probably will (eventually) reach out to City Mayor Madeline Rogero to talk about it.

And, if it saves money, I don't see why either will be opposed.

In the meantime, Jim Matheny had a great report about it yesterday. You can find it RIGHT SMACK HERE.

Additionally, check out this blast from the past - RIGHT SMACK HERE - about the 1996 consolidation vote and what happened in the election office that night.


Ray H Jenkins said...

That is one young-looking Dennis Francis

Mike Donila said...

I didn't recognize him at first until I heard his voice. (Course, I didn't know him back then.)

Greg said...

Hey. I still have that tie.