Friday, June 27, 2014

State weighs in on Kincannon BOE seat; timing will be everything

Indya Kincannon
The state’s top election official has weighed in on the upcoming vacancy on the Knox County Board of Education, and timing is everything.

Tennessee Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins said if the Knox County Commission accepts school board member Indya Kincannon’s resignation by Sept. 5, then the seat will appear on the November ballot.

Otherwise, it will appear on the August 2016 ballot.

Goins, in a letter sent to the Knox County Election Commission on Friday, notes that once the commission accepts the resignation, it is binding and cannot be withdrawn.

The Sept. 5 date is tied to the state’s “60-day rule,” which gives candidates sufficient time to qualify for a race.

Goins letter RIGHT SMACK HERE.

Earlier this week, Kincannon, who is in her third term on the school board, announced that she will step down Aug. 6 to accompany her family to Slovenia where her husband was recently awarded a Fullbright U.S. Scholar grant.

She has served the 2nd District since 2004.

At this point, the Knox County Commission is expected to appoint someone to take over for her.

Further, the commission more than likely will accept her resignation by August, thus setting the stage for a Nov. 4 election, said commission Chairman Brad Anders.

The commission has a July voting meeting set for the 28th and an August one set for the 25th. During one of those meetings, members are expected to accept Kincannon’s resignation and appoint her replacement.

On a side note, there's already been a couple folks who have called commissioners and expressed interest in the seat. Traditionally, the board doesn't appoint folks who want to run for the position later on.

We'll see.

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