Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BOE seat on November ballot? Maybe

A little update on Indya Kincannon stepping down in August from her school board seat. Initially, officials thought that the County Commission could go ahead and appoint someone to fill the spot, and that person would hold the position until the next county general election, which isn't until August 2016.

That's true if it's a partisan seat. However, school board spots are not. So, there is case law out there that suggests the county - based on timing - could go ahead and put the race on the November ticket.

A number of things need to happen and politics (obviously) could play a role. For example, Indya would need to officially  resign from the board and then the commission would need to accept it within a certain amount of time (I think 60 days), and then others would need to work to get the names, etc. on the ballot.

We'll know more in the coming days as the county election commission has asked the state for an opinion.

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