Friday, June 27, 2014

Fansler gets notable endorsements

Daryl Fansler
Yesterday (I was out), the Committee to Re-Elect Daryl Fansler, Chancellor, Part II sent out a release, nothing the endorsement of 26 past Presidents of the Knoxville Bar Association.

“The lives of so many Knox County citizens depend upon the experience of its judiciary - from family law to business disputes - these issues are as varied as they are complex,” the release states. “They must be met by someone who has the experience, intellectual ability, honesty, professional fortitude and common sense to bring about fair resolutions. That person is Daryl R. Fansler and we ask you to support him in our legal system, again.”

Signees of the letter include Bruce A. Anderson, Heidi A. Barcus, Bernard E. Bernstein, Robert R. Campbell, J. William Coley, J. Steven Collins, Sam C. Doak, Jack B. Draper, Ruth T. Ellis, E. Bruce Foster, Jr., Thomas M. Hale, John K. Harber, James Michael Haynes, Jr., Richard L. Hollow, Reggie E. Keaton, Michael J. King, Dennis R. McClane, M. Denise Moretz, Thomas R. Ramsey III, Thomas S. Scott, Jr., Sarah Y. Sheppeard, Dwight E. Tarwater, William D. Vines III,Howard H. Vogel, Edward G. White II, Annette E. Winston.

Fansler began practicing law at Bond, Carpenter, & O'Connor before co-founding what is now Stokes, Williams, Sharp and Davies in 1989. He was elected as Knox County Chancellor, Part II, in 2006.

Fansler, a Democrat, takes on Republican Clarence Pridemore, a relatively newcomer to the legal arena.

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