Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knox Law Dept brings Wigler on board

David Wigler
This is kind of interesting. The Knox County Law Department recently hired local lawyer David Wigler to serve as an attorney in the office.

Wigler, a former partner with Herb Moncier, is well-known and well-respected in the Knoxville legal arena.

He's also represented officials and governments around the area. I've covered a couple of his cases, including the accusations he filed on behalf of Brad Mayes against Natural Resources Recovery of Tennessee, its parent company, Natural Resources Recovery Inc., and the owner, Sid Brian.

Also on behalf of Mayes, he filed a defamation lawsuit involving Knox County Solid Waste's director. 

I've been told that all his cases connected to Knox County have been cleared and/or dismissed. I was also told that he is most knowledgeable in Section 1983, civil rights and prisoner lawsuits. (There's been at least one of them filed, so that's good for the county.)

Anyhoo, congrats goes out to Wigler.

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