Wednesday, July 30, 2014

TCAP assessment results largely flat

The Knox County Schools met seven of eleven 2013-14 Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) which are the academic performance targets set by the Tennessee Department of Education, according to the data released today.

This has resulted in the district earning the achievement accountability designation of “Achieve – Not Exemplary.” The academic results did show considerable work still to be done in closing achievement gaps defined by language, race, and disability, although some progress was seen in closing achievement gaps defined by income.

Results on the TCAP assessment were largely flat, with a few promising increases in proficiency, but there were some areas where the district experienced declines.

“These somewhat modest results, which are inconsistent with the strong gains we have achieved the past several years, heighten concerns about Tennessee not having a fully “aligned” assessment in grades 3-8,” said Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools. “Our teachers have implemented Tennessee’s rigorous Common Core State Standards, while our children are still being assessed by a TCAP test that was not designed to measure learning under the new standards.”

Results on the high school level End of Course (EOC) assessments were largely consistent with the prior year.

You can read the entire press release, which includes highlights RIGHT SMACK HERE.

Check out performance charts by grade RIGHT SMACK HERE.

Initially a number of superintendents throughout the area where going to hold a news conference at Pellissippi to talk about these announcements, but it was canceled "due to scheduling conflicts associated with beginning of school activities in several school districts."

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Unknown said...

It's not only Knoxville that scores are flat. Memphis Achievement District lost gains in spite of the promises made by Huffman and Barbic's charter chain hype.
Worse yet, Huffman lied on the graphs sent out to the press.