Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ownby not interested in vice chair

Jeff Ownby
As I noted some time ago, there’s some behind the scenes politicking taking place as a couple of commissioners vie for the Knox County Commission chairman’s seat.

You can read that bad boy RIGHT SMACK HERE.

Anyhoo, I also noted that Commissioner Amy Broyles is interested in the vice chair seat.
There are now rumors going around that Jeff Ownby, too, wants the gig.

That’s not the case. I talked to Jeff earlier today and he says he has absolutely no interest.

“I don’t know where that rumor came from, and frankly I’d be shocked if I was nominated,” he told me.

As it stands, there really aren’t a lot of choices and I suspect Broyles has a good shot, provided the board does not appoint any one of the four newcomers (which I don’t expect to happen).

Subtract the new guys and you’re left with Ownby (he says he doesn’t want it); Richard Briggs (he’s running for office and if he wins would have to step down); Mike Brown (don’t think he wants it); Brad Anders (doesn’t want it and is interested in chair).

You’re also left with Broyles (she wants it); Sam McKenzie (probably too busy with his job and out of respect probably wouldn’t challenge the only other Democrat – Broyles – on the board for it); and Dave Wright (who wants the chair seat, but if he lost to Anders would become a viable candidate).

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