Thursday, July 31, 2014

Norman seeks costs to 'protracted nature and outcome' of Suttles' case

Awhile back, Knox County schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre fired Richard Suttles, a teacher. Suttles appealed, the mediator agreed with him (he did suggest a suspension), and then Jim asked the Board of Education to overrule the mediator.

The BOE refused.

Earlier this week, Knox County Commissioner Tony Norman sent the following letter to school officials, asking for the overall costs to the aforementioned mess:
Dr. McIntyre:

Given the extremely protracted nature and outcome (to date) of Mr. Richard Suttles’ case, I thought it would be in the best interest of Knox County citizens to have an accounting of all direct and indirect costs associated with this case since its inception in 2011.

The minimal direct costs would begin with all attorneys’ fees and expenses charged by Mr. Owings and Mr. Reams, as well as all stenographer/court reporter costs for all transcription services. Direct costs must also include the cost of Mr. Suttles’ classroom replacement, as well as his retroactive salary agreed on by the BOE.

The indirect costs would include a calculation of all staff time involved, times their salaries and benefits. Admittedly, this would be an estimation. I would also appreciate an estimate of the amount of time our BOE has spent on Mr. Suttles’ case, and given this case may not be over, you may also include the staff time and expenses since the rebuttal by the BOE at the July 2nd meeting.

I would appreciate if you would provide this information in an itemized/detailed format, and include any additional costs I may have overlooked that can reasonably be associated with this matter.



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