Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mayor Rogero begins re-election bid

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero kicked off her re-election campaign Tuesday night at The Standard downtown and discussed her plans if re-elected.

Which is pretty much a given.

I don't expect her to get a serious challenger. In fact, I don't think she even needs to campaign. But, well, never say never.

Rogero, who took office in December 2011 and is the city's first female mayor, said she has a number of items she wants to continue, including wrapping up the Cumberland Avenue project and making Knoxville more sustainable.

"I laid out a plan when I ran for office and we followed it," said Mayor Rogero. "We've made good progress toward that. We still have more to go."

The primary, which is non-partisan, is set for Sept. 29 with a November general election.

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Unknown said...

6,560...6,560..6,560..6,560 was the total vote in the only election for a incumbent term limited mayor of Knoxville.6,560 is why the Mayor must run a vigorous campaign.And she will.But we who are for the Mayor's re election can not be complacent.We have got to stress that getting out to vote for the Mayor is vital! Why? 3,281.That's how many votes Mayor Haslam's opposition would have needed to force a runoff in 2007.We can win this election.But if we are complacent and don't get folks to the polls...6,560 divided by 2 plus 1 = 3,281 by our opposition = runoff.VOTE!!!