Thursday, September 17, 2015

Haynes remarks on Republican debate

Tennessee GOP chairman Ryan Haynes weighs in on the Republican debate:

"Once again, it was readily apparent Republicans have the energy and the enthusiasm for 2016 on our side. We showcased the most diverse field of presidential candidates in history--of either party.

Despite CNN's best efforts to turn our candidates against themselves, we were able to hear directly from these inspirational leaders from the fields of business, medicine, and public service who offer substantive solutions to the problems facing our nation.

The Republican Party has a conservative vision for our nation that will create opportunity for families, reinvigorate the American economy, and prioritize our commitment to freedom. President Obama's time in the White House has been terrible for our nation.

What's worse, Hillary Clinton would continue those policies. Thankfully, one of these Republican candidates will make sure she doesn't get that chance."

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