Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Write-in votes abound in election

Voters might not have turned out Tuesday night, but phony baloney write-in names were certainly plentiful.

Jax the Car? Mickey Mouse? Carboard Finbar?

You name it – from the funny, the serious, to the truly absurd – those few voters who did hit the ballot boxes had fun.

Or, maybe they just wanted to make a statement.

Some suggested Mickey Mouse for a Knoxville City Council seat, others felt Blue Kevin, Dude or My Right Foot would do the job.

Heck, one person thought putting WBIR’s Mike Donila down for mayor was a good idea.

Or not.

“Unopposed Unacceptable” made an appearance, and so, too, did “Someone that is Fair,” Malcom X, Abraham Lincoln and Bernie Sanders.

Then there was a pick for Knox County Communications Director Michael Grider – but under the guise “Slim Sexy Grider.” (Hey, the guy’s been on a cycling kick!)

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe garnered a few votes, as did Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond, and Clay Crownover, a local public relations specialist.

In addition, someone named “Good Luck Jason From Dan” appeared on the final tally, along with No
Vote, none, anybody, and anyone else.

THE WRITE-IN LIST – some 10 pages long – included 1,337 names.

None of these aforementioned names counted, of course, since they weren’t registered with the Knox County Election Board.

But, the write-in votes for “Jack Knoxville” (or a variation of that name) did, as Knoxville took the time to officially submit his name in the mayoral race. He received 46 votes, which was good for little more than 1 percent of the vote.

That means Madeline Rogero is still mayor.

In the meantime, the November run-off for the remaining City Council seats is just around the corner.
Expect the fun to continue then.

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