Thursday, December 3, 2015

BOE extends Jim McIntyre's contract

Knox County Schools superintendent Jim McIntyre will lead the district through 2019.

That was the vote of the Board of Education Monday night, following nearly four hours of discussion and public comments.

It was a narrow 5-to-4 vote that approved the two-year extension of McIntyre's contract, from December of 2017 to December of 2019.

Board members received on the same day of the meeting a final revision to McIntyre's proposed contract extension, which board members had to review.

"This is absurd," board member Amber Rountree said, referring to the board's intentions to vote on a revised contract it had seen just that day. "Let's wait and get some clarity on these changes...It's not like we have a deadline looming above us tomorrow."

A number of board members expressed concerns about the contract clause that stipulates the board must pay the superintendent the remainder of his contract if it is terminated early.

"I think a one-year severance package is more than generous," Rountree said, supporting a pay-out period of 12 months, opposed to the remainder of the superintendent's contract.

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