Friday, July 5, 2013

Add Wallen to trustee rumor mill

On Wednesday, I wrote a piece about how the Knox County Commission will go about picking a new trustee, and some of the well-known names that folks are floating around.

You can now add Missy Wallen's name to the list. Missy, 60, served as BB&T's Tennessee president from 2007 until Monday when she officially retired. (She also is the vice chairwoman of the Development Corporation of Knox County.)

Anyhoo, from what a number of people have told me, George Korda has been pushing her name to the commission, which has begun taking applications for the job. Others, though, have told me that she might not be all that interested. (Course we've all heard that one before.)

Time will tell, but figured it was worth mentioning as her qualifications (on paper anyway) look pretty good.


Unknown said...

Does George represent BB&T?

Unknown said...

Is BB&T a client of Korda Communications?