Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trustee candidates begin to emerge

Expect more, but here are the resumes from the first batch of candidates for the Trustee's spot . . .  and click right smack here for them. I'm on vacation, so feel free to analyze them yourselves. There's nothing fancy about them, but a few folks in there appear qualified (at least on paper).

Previously, I blogged here and here  (and wrote a WBIR story here) about potential candidates, but so far none of them have applied. I'm sure that will change for at least a few. From what I understand, Commission Vice Chairman R. Larry Smith is out of the running. I kind of expected that as he didn't have the six votes on the commission (although he probably could have come close).

Privately, some commissioners want former Trustee Fred Sisk in the office, but aren't sure if they want him at top. Still, officials say his experience in the department will be crucial as it transitions into whatever.

Also, word is that Commissioner Ed Shouse will run for the office, regardless of whether he is selected for the interim role (and remember, Ed hasn't applied for it yet).

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