Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knox Trustee applicants now up to 12

Well, it looks like 12 folks have now applied for the Trustee gig, including former Trsutee Fred Sisk and William "Bill" Curtis, who served a brief stint as the office's chief of staff before stepping down in mid-May to retire (again).

You can find the complete list of names and resumes (including all the new ones), right smack here.

I expected Fred to apply. He served as Trustee for a few years and worked in the office for a loooong time. He's also credited with tipping off the TBI (which took a loooong time to investigate) about office issues.

Curtis, who spent 40 years at Curtis Mortgage where he was president and CEO, joined John Duncan III's staff in September 2010. He's well-respected and was later tapped to serve as chief of staff after Joshua Burnett resigned.

When he Curtis, he told me it was to spend more time with his grandchildren. My guess is someone encouraged him to throw his name in, and he's doing it because he's a nice guy. I seriously don't expect him to run for office. He's a lot more low key than most of the top officials over at the Deathstar and would more than likely not want to put up with all the BS that comes with the full-time, fully-elected gig.

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