Monday, July 8, 2013

Bumpas renews Visit Knox contract

Kim Bumpas
Well, quite frankly I couldn't tell you what Visit Knoxville really does, but they're certainly more transparent than the previous incarnation (KTSC) led by Gloria Ray.

The Visit Knoxville folks shot over a spin release, letting everyone know that the board renewed a contract with Kim Bumpas, the organization's president, to run thought June 2016. She'll get $140K in folding paper a year and some "fringe benefits," according to the contract.

You can read that bad boy, right smack here.

The board appointed Bumpas about 18 months ago, after the local media exposed Ray for doing . . .  well . . . pretty much nothing and getting paid, like, $10gajillion dollars for it. According to the release, Bumpas is credited with leading the organization "through a restructuring process from the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation to Visit Knoxville."

It goes on to say that she "began focusing on reinvigorating Knoxville as a travel destination for leisure travelers and conventions."

Yeah, that's about it. No more other details, so, like I said, I don't know what they do. But at least you know what the president makes. And that's a start.

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