Thursday, July 25, 2013

Leuthold's trustee bond to cost $55K

Well, it looks like new Knox County Trustee Craig Leuthold was able to get bonded. To the tune of $55,000 in folding paper, which is - what? - six times what it's cost in the past. (Most other trustees cost $8,500 to $9,000.)

Now, Leuthold isn't to blame for this. You can thank his predecessors who couldn't keep their hands out of the free money till. Or whatever.

Anyhoo, Leuthold, who was picked Monday in a 6-4 vote by the Knox County Commissioner to serve out the remaining months of John Duncan III's term, will be bonded by the Hanover Insurance Group. (As you might recall, Duncan pretty much pleaded guilty to paying out about - you guessed it - $55K in bonuses for educational courses that his employees never finished. Am I the only one seeing a $55K trend? Heh.)

Bonding became an issue earlier this month when the Hartford Group, the previous bonding agency, refused to bond Kristin Phillips, who served in the interim role for a few weeks between Duncan and Leuthold. Officials with the company basically said they are sick of the "track record of misconduct with the position of trustee for Knox County."

County finance Director Chris Caldwell said the $55K in coin will cover a year, and his office hopes to work out a more cheaper arrangement with the bonding company after that.

County Mayor Tim Burchett signs the bond for Leuthold

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