Friday, July 26, 2013

Politico talks Alexander, Burchett

Politico, the journalism web site, ran a piece this morning on U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander that pretty much said nothing.

You can find it, right smack here. Of interest in it, however, was this short mention:
Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett said he’s been approached by state conservatives and is considering the bid but acknowledged that it’s going to be hard to beat the GOP “ruling class.”

“He needs to be challenged,” Burchett said, noting that Alexander is a friend and fraternity brother. “Every political person in Tennessee has already endorsed the senator, but when you ask them about amnesty, they’re against it.”
The article mentioned that Burchett and Alexander met a few weeks ago for lunch and  the good senator said "we talked about various Knox County issues."


From what I understand, Alexander had no clue about what he was talking about, particularly when school issues and tax increases were mentioned.

Still, it doesn't matter. Burchett could probably give him a better run than anyone else (and it would be fun to watch). And the tea party - for good or bad - will back him because they're going to support anyone taking on Lamar, but he's not going down.

And I doubt Burchett will run. Not yet.

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