Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anders re-appointed commish chair

From left: Anders, Wright
Opting for continuity instead of change, the Knox County Commission on Monday re-appointed Brad Anders to lead the board for another year.

In a narrow 6-5 vote, members picked Anders over Dave Wright to serve as chairman for the second time.

Officials said they felt Anders's experience in the seat would help maintain the status quo for a board that now has four new members. Others, though, said they wanted to shake up things by bringing in Wright, a move that would give each district a shot of representing the seat.

The board in an 8-2 vote appointed Wright to serve as vice chairman.


I meant to put this up yesterday when it happened, but, well, forgot.

In addition, the board picked committee members. Nothing major, really, other than placing Mike Brown on the Audit Committee. Brown is not a big fan of the panel's chairman, Joe Carcello. We'll see how that shakes out in the future.

The commission also re-appointed Richard Briggs to the pension board. I guess that's good because he's got the experience, but he's probably going to be gone in January when he inevitably wins the state Senate race.

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