Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Leuthold back to property assessor

Craig Leuthold got his old job back today and will be working once again as the public information officer in the Knox County Property Assessor’s Office, a job he left last July when he took over as interim Trustee.

Leuthold, a former county commissioner, began working in the trustee’s office in January 1995 before taking the information officer gig in early 2011. The commission appointed him to serve as Trustee, but he lost to Ed Shouse in the May Republican primary.

As trustee, he made more than $110,000. He’ll make about $55,000 in the property assessor’s office. His first day on the job is today, according to county records.

Leuthold said part of his job also requires meeting with businesses to talk about personal property (machinery, vehicles, equipment, etc.), which also is taxes.

Well, that’s about it. I don’t think this was really a surprise, but it’s worth noting.

I guess the next question is whether he'll run in two year's for property assessor's spot. Tune in.

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