Monday, September 29, 2014

County releases school's PPU audit

Knox County's internal audit department this afternoon released the audit of the school system's Physical Plant Upgrades account.

I skimmed over the 23 or so pages, but that's about it. (I had today off.)

Here's what the department noted:
We found three areas for improvement in the Physical Plant Upgrade (PPU) accounting process, with one of these areas considered significant according the audit definition of significance. Specifically, we found needed improvements related to:

• Capital project accounting,
• Application of capitalization rules to PPU transactions, and
• Documentation of process for accounting for PPU transactions.

We did not identify any issues that would be considered criminal in nature and no acts of fraud, waste, abuse, or noncompliance with laws or regulations came to our attention during testing.
Here's a story we did back in March about the account, RIGHT SMACK HERE.

And, you can find the audit, RIGHT SMACK HERE.

I suspect we'll have a story on this at 11 tonight on WBIR 10News. (I hope to be asleep by then, though. Heh.)

UPDATE: Superintendent Jim McIntyre in a statement said: 
“The Physical Plant Upgrades (PPU) audit report makes some helpful recommendations regarding improving accounting procedures, and our finance personnel largely agree with these suggestions. The audit report makes clear that there was no fraud, waste, abuse, nor violations of law or regulations found with regard to the PPU account. The Internal Auditor’s fair and comprehensive report will help our school system do an even better job of transparently accounting for taxpayer resources that support maintaining high quality learning environments for our children.”

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