Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The new criminal court clerk hires

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond has hired eight new employees - one part-time and seven full-time, which includes one transfer. In total, the office lost nine (through terminations and retirements) and gained 7.5.

Here are the names and titles (didn't hear back in time to get the salaries):

Cathleen Wilson, part-time magistrate clerk

Zachary Steele, magistrate clerk (former employee who was transferred to the sheriff’s office three or four years ago and is returning)

Kimberly Beal, general sessions court financial transactions clerk

Lisha Amburgey, general sessions court cost collections clerk

Carol McCarter, fourth circuit court cost collections

Christy Gentry, human resources manager (She used to work in the Trustee’s Office)

Sara Helms, criminal court docket management data entry clerk (She used to work under Joy McCroskey)

Trish Graybeal, general sessions court data citations entry clerk (She used to work under Joy McCroskey)

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